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Red Cross Training --
Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating Your Compassion into Community Action
DSGEN200A Revised: September 2007
Fact Sheet Revised: October 2009


Description Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating Your Compassion into Community Action is an instructor-led, basic level course.  This video-driven course introduces participants to the foundation of service delivery standards for the American Red Cross by presenting the Fundamental Principles and Values of the Red Cross and how they apply throughout the disaster cycle of prepare, respond and recover.

Purpose The purpose of this course is to introduce the mission of the Red Cross, the principles and values that support the mission and the expected behaviors of Red Cross volunteers and employees in the conduct of that mission.

Learning Objectives After completing this course, participants will be able to –

  1. Explain how the Red Cross Mission serves as the foundation to integrate with broader community efforts to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters and other emergencies.

  2. Apply the Fundamental Principles, Values and Guiding Behaviors to decisions and actions in providing excellent customer service to all of our constituents.

  3. Identify the five constituents of the Red Cross, recognize their differing needs and describe how Red Cross organizes around meeting those needs.

  4. Assess their skills and resources to identify opportunities that translate their care and concern for the community into action.


This course is for Red Cross employees and volunteers of the Red Cross who are interested in becoming disaster volunteers.  In addition, members of other local agencies who support the role of the Red Cross in the community’s actions in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters.

Length This course is 3 to 5 hours in length.  Attendance of the entire course is required to earn a course certificate.

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