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Line of Duty Death: Preparing the Best for the Worst

One of the toughest situations to face is the line of duty death. The administrative and logistical aspects of a LODD are often overwhelming to those individuals and agencies that are ill prepared. This course will address many of those issues as well as give special attention to pre-incident planning and proper follow-up services.This interactive class has been designed to prepare Emergency Service providers, military personnel, school administrators, municipal officials as well as CISM teams who may need to address a Line of Duty Death.


Program Highlights

  • Emotional and psychological impact of LODD

  • Critical injury in the line of duty

  • Line of duty death or injury notifications

  • Additional resources for agencies/professions

  • Administrative and logistical action plans

  • Debriefing steps of a line-of-duty death process

  • Stages of grief

  • Cultural differences

  • Care for the organization and the surviving family

  • CISM components after a line of duty death/injury

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