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Course Offerings

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CISM Core Curriculum Courses
  1. Group Crisis Intervention

  2. Assisting Individuals In Crisis

  3. Assisting Individuals In Crisis & Group Crisis Intervention (Combined Class)

  4. Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

  5. Advanced Assisting Individuals in Crisis

  6. Advanced Group Crisis Intervention

  7. Strategic Response to Crisis

CISM Specialty Curriculum (Track Name):
  1. CISM: Application with Children (Schools & Children Crisis Response)

  2. Emotional and Spiritual Care in Disasters (Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention)

  3. From Trauma to Addictions (Substance Abuse Crisis Response)

  4. Grief Following Trauma (Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention)

  5. Law Enforcement Perspectives for CISM Enhancement (Emergency Services)

  6. Managing School Crises: From Theory to Application (Schools & Children Crisis Response)

  7. Pastoral Crisis Intervention I (Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention)

  8. Pastoral Crisis Intervention II (Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention)

  9. Pastoral Crisis Intervention I & II (Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention)

  10. Responding to School Crises: An Integrated Multi-Component Crisis Intervention Approach (Schools & Children Crisis Response)

  11. Stress Management for the Trauma Services Provider (Emergency Services)

  12. Terrorism: Psychological Impact and Implications (Mass Disasters & Terrorism

CISM Electives
  1. Suicide Awareneess

  2. Understanding Suicide


Red Cross Training
  1. Fulfilling Our Mission: Translating Your Compassion into Community Action

  2. Psychological First Aid

  3. CBRNE – Ready, Respond

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