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 Chaplain Fran Graham

                            Fran Graham is the CEO of The Academy and has                                        extensive crisis management experience in her home                                    country of England, the United States, and                                                     internationally in both crisis deployments and                                                 crisis management instruction. With an extensive              background in Law Enforcement, Peer Support, Community Emergency Response Training, International  Disaster Relief, Fire and Police                  Chaplaincy, Critical Incident Stress Management, and the medical field, she provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she uses to support those in crisis and psychological trauma. 

Fran has worked in several nations as an interventionist, educator, and consultant for both governmental and non-government agencies, to establish emotional health intervention support systems in times of war, refugee crises and following natural disasters. She serves individuals, groups, crisis response teams and communities, and has trained and deployed with multi-jurisdictional Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) and Peer Support teams,  with fire & law enforcement agencies and faith-based chaplaincy programs, for whom she was a key author of written policies and operations guidelines which have been used nationally.  She also works with multiple fire and police agencies, hospitals, and corporations in the United States as a consultant, instructor, and team member, to implement strategies of resilience to trauma for first responders actively working in the field.  

As a published author and well-respected instructor in her field, she trains others to provide critical incident stress management support, emotional and spiritual care, to anyone in need.  She has led emotional trauma specialist and disaster response teams through large- and small-scale crisis deployments globally. More recently, she's been responding to the war crisis in Ukraine. She also serves key government leaders in Europe who are actively seeking ways to rebuild the mental and emotional health following the huge influx of refugees.  Her unyielding faith and passion has and will continue to guide our fellow human beings to acknowledge, manage, and process the serious and unforeseen impacts of crisis and trauma.

Fran’s command presence is eloquent, and profoundly personal that resembles a soulful conversation with a wise friend, even when she is speaking to communities, governments or teaching international courses.  Her unending strength and faith to guide those in crisis is nothing short of inspiring. Fran's passion is to bring comfort amid deep pain, and to equip others with the necessary skills to recognize the signs and symptoms of their own acute stress or trauma. She empowers them to take responsibility for themselves, by implementing excellent, holistic, and proven, personal, self-care habits, to aid healing. Her extensive experience provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise that she uses to support those in crisis and psychological trauma on a path of resilience to ensure living and thriving, not just existing. 


Fran Graham
Global Disaster Relief & Emotional Trauma Specialist
Tel: +1 406 369 4994

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